Tuesday, March 17, 2009 By: Suzanne

Where are you?: Florida

I found another meme to be a part of only I wish it were on another day. It's also on Tuesday and is called It's Tuesday, Where are you? Hosted on An Adventure in Reading. I like the way this is set up. Typing about being in the place, doing the things that your main character is doing. I might switch back and forth between this and the Teaser. It won't be every Tuesday that I'm on Spring Break and can spend the day in front of the computer!

So, for today I am in Florida. Specifically in the Gulf just west of the Tampa/St Petersburg area (incidentally where my family really is from!) on an little island called Duma Key. I am recovering from a horrific accident that has left me without 1 arm and an speech disorder but I am learning to paint...and I might be pretty good if all these weird things would stop happening. (Duma Key by Stephen King).


Christine said...

WOW ... this sounds like so much fun!!!! Except for the whole deal with 1 arm, and the speach ..... can't wait to read more!! :O)

kaye said...

I post my "Where are you" and my teaser in the same post. That way you give an idea of the place setting along with the teaser. It seems to work out.

Beth F said...

Yikes! It's a Stephen King, which means that the weird things are probably pretty spooky.

The Bumbles said...

Leave it to King to creep up a perfectly beautiful place!