Tuesday, March 17, 2009 By: Suzanne

Teaser: Duma Key

The Teaser is hosted at Should be Reading. Be sure to go there for the rules and more fun!

My teaser comes from Stephen King's Duma Key:

I had become very selfish about it, and anything that might come after - a promised interview with Mary Ire, the lecture, the show itself - seemed to be not ahead of me but somehow far above me.
pg. 350


Kerri said...

Tonya. Thanks for stopping by. It has been years since I have read Stephen King. I should pick this up!

Christine said...

Stephen King scares the crund out of me .... shivvers!!

Jo said...

I've never read a Steven King book. The Langoliers (movie) scared me off. Maybe I should give him a try after all...