Saturday, March 28, 2009 By: Suzanne

Home Story: Skillet

Skillet is a very beautiful pit mix that Jeff was given by a friend. Skillet was about a year old when he was found wandering the open land north of Denton. No one knows his history or what the other part might be but for being part pit, he is the most laid back dog on earth. In fact, he is probably more laid back than a basset hound (well, almost). I've been told that dogs reflect their humans, and in the case of Jeff and Skillet, nothing could be truer. One of Skillet's favorite things is cuddling under the covers.

He also loves to protect his bones. He not aggressive with the bone but he will protect that bone from any other dog. Usually his way of doing this is by hiding them in my bed. Often at bedtime, I find myself crawling under the covers and laying right on top of one. Not a pleasant experience.

The other day, before we got all the rain, I had my two dogs outside playing with a tennis ball. Loki is kind of a jerk with other dogs when it comes to toys. He doesn't want anyone else to play with it. So when Skillet came out to play too, Loki bullied him into not going after the ball. Skillet simply turned around, went in the house, and came back out again with another ball in his mouth.

Here's a couple more pics of him and my babies: