Sunday, March 15, 2009 By: Suzanne

Home Story: Aurora

When my collie, Aurora, was puppy she didn't like to cuddle. She was just so full of energy that all she wanted to do was play and wrestle and chew on bones. I devised a way to get her to cuddle with me (because, come on, that's the best part of having a dog). I would take one of her bones and hold it in my hand beside me on the couch. She would jump up next to me and sit there chewing on the bone while I petted her. To do this day (4 1/2 years later) she still brings her bones to people she wants to sit next to. Poor baby, no one will do this for her except mama! Everyone else thinks it's kind of gross (I think they have some notion that it's a little weird too).

Aurora still doesn't cuddle as much as Loki or Lucina, but when she does, it's a full out, smother you in love, cuddle session. She can't just sit next to you, she has to sit on you or lay length-wise next to you. And if you want to move for any reason, be prepared for a 60 pound sack of potatoes. She's not going anywhere just because you want her to. It's cuddle time.

This morning, she and Loki climbed in bed with me and I got one of her wonderful length-wise cuddles. This is kind of like spooning with your significant other. She lays with her head next to mine and her tail down by my feet with either her feet over top of me or facing away from me (the former is practically impossible to get away from). I turned my head to look at her and she turned her face to me. We were touching nose to nose, with her big, brown eyes staring directly into mine and I was thinking, "What a sweet baby," when she sneezed in my face. This was not a cute, high pitched, baby sneeze. This was a full out, snot in my face, up my nose, elephant sneeze. Oh yeah, what a sweet baby.


Anonymous said...

You've gotta love the sneeze! What a fun story. My Max is a licker, but he must have had some trauma in his first few months because he will never lick you on the lips!

Tonya said...

Aurora's not much of a licker, either. She seems to reserve kisses for a moment that will make an impact. Or for Jeff. She loves Jeff. He's the only one I've seen her "kiss" more than once. Now Loki on the other hand, his tongue has a mind of it's own...

Ruthanne said...

Okay, that would seriously gross me out! Dog snot in my face, yuck.

However, I always loved snuggling with my dogs growing up too! I don't snuggle with our dog now - she's an outside dog! Besides, I think hubby might get jealous. ;D