Wednesday, January 14, 2009 By: Suzanne

Diary: A Novel

So I had a very long break in the middle of my day today. 4 hours. These kind of days suck because I work about an hour from home it's not really feasible to go home when I have this long of a break. This is going to be a regular thing every Wednesday until I get a few more clients to fill up that in between time. Needless to say, I brought a book! I finished reading Chuck Palahniuk's Diary: A Novel about 30 minutes before I had to get to my client's house, so I tried to take a nap (I felt awful today). Unfortunately it didn't work, so I'll be going to bed early tonight!

Diary is by the same guy that wrote Fight Club. If you're familiar with either the book or the movie or any of his other works, then you probably know that most of what he writes is pretty bizarre. Diary is about a woman, Misty Marie, who meets an odd boy in art college, falls in love and marries him, then moves to his odd little home town on Waytansea Island. By the way, throughout the book I couldn't help but say to myself "Wait and See" Island. I tried to put the emphasis on another syllable to keep that out of my mind because it was kind of distracting but now I'm pretty sure that was intentional. Not the distracting part but that we're supposed to Wait and See. The book opens with Misty writing in her diary to her husband who is in the hospital in a coma after a failed suicide attempt. Misty hasn't painted since she was in college and this becomes a major point in the book. I won't say anymore about the plot because I just can't describe it without giving everything away. This book is seriously bizarre and I kept waiting for the big twist at the end. The weird thing is that there is NO twist. Everything truly is as it seems.


Heather said...

I love Chuck and the intriguing plot line (sans a twist... he's known for great twists) is really making me want to read this.

Thanks for the review.