Saturday, May 30, 2009 By: Suzanne


I've been watching the HBO series True Blood recently. I don't have cable so I have to get from other sources, which means I haven't watched it as it was shown. If this has already been discussed and I missed it, sorry. I'm a little behind.

I'm only on episode 3 and I haven't finished it yet but I couldn't wait to write this. I might be completely off base here but I think Stephanie Meyer stole the entire idea for Twilight from the Southern Vampire Series (which True Blood is based on) by Charlaine Harris. There are just too many coincidences, and not in the way every vampire story has coincidences. Vampire who's in love with a human who's best friend is in love with her and might (not sure about this yet but looks like he might be) a werewolf. In this series it's the human that can read minds and she's attracted to the vampire initially because she can't read the vampire's mind. Makes a whole lot more sense than the other way around. They never explain why Edward can't read Bella in Twilight but it's explained easily when it's the human with the psychic ability. I can not wait to read this series if it's anything like the tv show. So far it is so much better than Twilight. There's also a trio of bad vampires, 2 men and a woman who "nest" together and want to go after Sookie (the main character). Sound familiar? Harris' series was started in 2001 and Meyer's was started in 2005.


Girl That Reads said...

When I first watched True Blood and started reading the series (I'm only on the 2nd book now) I noticed the exact same things. There are a ton of similarities. I remember even a few of the names being the same, which I suppose could be entirely coincidence. The other elements seem way too similar to be coincidence though. While I still like the Twilight series, I can't help but think that Stephenie Meyer got some inspiration from Charlaine Harris.

Great post by the way!

Tonya said...

Thanks! I'm watching episode 5 now. I think I'm addicted! I just the most hilarious line ever:

"Our guest of honor is a VAMPIRE! Adele plum forgot that little fact when she booked the CHURCH for our little meeting tonight. What do you think's gonna happen when he comes up here and see's a giant cross?"

"I don't know."

"Well, I don't either. But if he sizzles up like fat back bacon in front of everybody, there's not gonna be much of meeting now, is there?"

stacybuckeye said...

I haven't heard of this comparison before, but then again I try and avoid Twilight talk. You have intrigued me with True Blood. I'm going to see if our library carries it.

Rebecca :) said...

I am not much for vampires so I don't watch True Blood or read the Twilight series, but I have heard this comparison before somewhere. I think Stephanie Meyer is probably one of the most over-rated authors around right now.

Anonymous said...

Her best friend isn't a werewolf, but she gets involved with a werewolf later on =P

Yes, I am surprised how the author of true blood novels is so relaxed about her whole concept being plagiarized like this.