Thursday, May 28, 2009 By: Suzanne

Audio: Lost and Found

This book by Carolyn Parkhurst was surprisingly wonderful. I thought Lost and Found was going to be fluff and just something fun to listen to in the car. I ended up taking it in the house last night to finish the last two cds. This would have given me another two hours of listening time in the car, when I desperately need to be entertained. It gets really boring driving the same route everyday. I just couldn't wait to finish the story though, especially knowing I wouldn't be working today. I thought to myself, "You can listen to this on Friday as you're driving between client's homes or you can finish it now." Yeah, that was never a real question.

Lost and Found is about a group of people participating in an Amazing Race type reality show. They come in pairs. The mother-daughter team that is keeping the daughter's recent pregnancy and adoption secret - or so mom thinks. The married couple that met at an ex-gay religious group and wants to get out the message that homosexuality is a choice and you don't have to do it - or so the wife thinks. The brothers that are there solely for comic relief - or so one brother thinks. The millionaires that really have no reason to be there. The high school sweethearts that are trying to rekindle what they had - and failing. The ex-child stars trying to restart their careers - and failing.

The story is told through several different viewpoints, which I think is a plus for this type of book. The idea is to get behind the cameras and see what's really going on. If it was told from one viewpoint it wouldn't be any better than watching them on tv. I love how everyone is trying so hard to keep their secrets off the cameras even though most of them KNOW the producers already know the secret. They think they can one up the show by not revealing themselves completely on the show. They have no idea what lengths these rotten people will go to make sure it all comes out of the closet - pun intended!

I won't give away any more than that, it's simply too wonderful to spoil. I highly recommend this book. I haven't read her other book, The Dogs of Babel but will be doing so very soon. Parkhurst's writing throughout Lost and Found was brilliant and funny. I found myself laughing during sad moments the way we really do in life. Someone tries to bring a smile to your face even while you're having a hard time. Parkhurst did this so easily. And the sarcasm she writes with is interspersed just enough to make you laugh right out and make people look at you funny!


Anonymous said...

This looks like fun. Your great review had forced me to add this to my list. Thanks a lot (I say with only a little sarcasm :) )