Monday, May 4, 2009 By: Suzanne

Home Story: Do You have Swine Flu Too?

Ok, maybe I'm the crazy one and maybe not but I think everyone is seriously OVER-REACTING. In case you don't know, I live in North Texas close to Dallas and Ft Worth. Here were have several school districts that have closed until next week and countless schools within districts that didn't close that have shut their doors. I understand that it's a rapidly spreading flu and that it might be pretty nasty if you catch it. However, we have ways to treat it. If the media reported on the number of people who catch and/or died each week due to the regular flu, it would sound just as bad. In fact, it would sound worse. More people catch the flu every year that have gotten this "swine flu." More people die every year due to the regular flu than to this "swine flu." I'm putting it in quotes because the name keeps changing but everyone knows what I mean when I say "swine flu."

Last week, I missed 3 days of work because of the TAKS test. I knew this was coming. I was prepared for that. They don't want me in the schools disrupting anyone during this all important test. I was not prepared for the school districts to start freaking out on me and shut down. Some are closed for 2 weeks! Last week one of the mom's of my private client called to tell me her son was "lethargic" and she didn't think he should be seen. Today another one has a "runny nose" and should be seen. This is what happens when the media over plays things like this. People begin to freak out over being lethargic and having a runny nose.

Now here's what bothers me. What if it really is as bad as they say and guess what....the school district I work for ISN'T CLOSED.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this has been taken out of hand. All in one night I was watching the news and one news station said that this was going to become a pandemic and then another news station said that it was nothing to worry about. Everyone is over reacting to this. Especially since there are medicines for it. To me it sounds like the regular flu. I have symptoms everday of what they are saying. runny nose, sore throat, it is called allergies. :) But totally agree with you!

Libertine said...

Indeed, what if... The biggest fear over the swine flu is the fact that unlike ordinary flu which we have medicines for, this virus is completely new and it's pattern is not yet known. Therefore no one has immunity for it or already had it, so catching it won't be dangerous. I am hoping it will not turn into a pandemic, not panicking yet, but I am worried. However I do agree media is blowing it a bit out of proportion.

Jenn said...

I know girlfriend! I'm just waiting for our school to be closed-it's inevitable. It doesn't make sense to me since everyone in the US has been able to be treated. I know they are trying to be precautious but there are a lot of people who are having a lot of anxiety over this. Sorry you have missing out on work stuff! Hopefully they will get this taken care of soon!