Tuesday, December 29, 2009 By: Suzanne


We got snow here on Thursday. A lot of snow. In Texas. I put it in perspective for myself today and took a good look at a world map. Texas is bisected by the 30th degree latitude line (I looked for the proper way to say that and couldn't find it quick so I hope I don't sound stupid saying it that way). This line also bisects Morroco, Egypt, and Iran among other places we generally think of as hot, hot, hot. It can still get pretty cold here in the winter as I'll bet it must in those places sometimes too but I never hear of them getting snow. And we don't normally get snow either. We do get a lot of ice in the winter, which sucks and makes all Texans fairly miserable people to be around. We got snow a few weeks ago, but it melted by the same afternoon. We got snow on Thursday. Real snow and lots of it (for us). These pictures were taken early in the day when it finally started to stick. We got about 2 inches in Ft Worth, though some places just a little bit west and north of us got close to 5.

I woke up on Thursday morning early. I wake up most mornings early now since Loki seems to think he needs to potty at 5:30 and is not shy about waking me up. Sometimes I roll over and go back to bed but on this day I got up. I noticed the wind was blowing something fierce, it was raining, and it was much colder than the previous day's 70 degrees. Yes, that is right, not a typo. 70 degrees the day before. I decided to check the weather since I was driving to my mom's house an hour away later that day. SNOW IS COMING!! Yes, that's how newscaster tells us in Texas. TAKE COVER OR DIE!! is how they make it sound. I called my mom and said, I think we're going to get quite a bit of snow today. She said, "Get in the car and come now!!" It's 6 am. I have not had coffee, breakfast, or a shower. Not likely that I'm getting in the car. I look at the news again. Snow by 9 they're saying. Ok, dammit. I start packing the car. I am not happy. But I had a terrible accident about two years ago in a snow storm and am not about to repeat that moment.

I got on the road with all the animals. It so cold and it's still raining so I'm a little concerned but the roads were fine so far. As soon as I turned onto my mom's street the rain turned to ice. Just in time! As soon as I got every thing and every one inside I set up Lucina's cage. She has her old one at my mom's house so I don't have to pack that everytime. Her house is cold that I was little concerned about being able to keep Lucina warm enough. I put a quilt and flannel sheet over the top and sides of the cage but left the front open so she could participate in the family festivities as much as possible and it seemed fine. Unfortunately, my mom's dogs are not trustworthy with her so I couldn't let her out. At night we placed an electric blanket over the whole ensemble. I think she was warmer than anyone. In fact my mom was worried we might wake up to cooked cockatiel but I didn't turn it up too high. She was cozy and happy.

We started to get some snow but it took hours for it to start sticking. I was excited because I wanted some pictures of the dogs playing in the snow. I got something even better. I took some video and have compiled them into a fun little thing. Check it out!


Missy B. said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing...I love all of the pictures of your babies. Looks like they got lots of presents!

Tonya said...

If it's not already obvious, they are totally spoiled rotten.