Wednesday, December 9, 2009 By: Suzanne

The Dogs of Babel

From the cover:
Paul Iverson's life changes in an instant. He returns home one day to find that his wife, Lexy, has died under strange circumstances. The only witness was their dog Lorelei, whose anguished barking brought help to the scene - but too late.....Paul begins to notice strange "clues" in their home...suggestions that nothing about Lexy's last afternoon was quite what it seemed...A linguist by training, Paul embarks on an impossible endeavor: a series of experiments designed to teach Lorelei to communicate what she knows.

I didn't used to review books I didn't finish but lately I feel I should give some reason for not finishing. I'd like to explain why exactly I had to stop reading a book. I tried to read this book. I really did. I thought it sounded really good and loads of people appear to have loved it. I guess it's just not my style or something. I loved her other book, Lost and Found, but it was more fun to read about the screwed up ways people interact with each other it than it is to read about a man so lost in his grief he believes he can actually teach his dog to talk. I just don't want to read about his horrific grief for 264 pages. I don't believe he will teach the dog to talk but I do believe he would eventually learn to communicate something with her and from her and maybe he just needs to go on believing his wife's death was an accident. I don't want to watch him grieve over the loss of his wife, then grieve again over not being able to accomplish what he wants with Lorelei, and THEN grieve again over his wife when he learns the truth. Maybe that's not happens, but that's I saw coming and I wasn't up to it. Because, even if the truth is that it WAS accident, as everyone in the beginning thinks it is, he will still grieve all over again.

And maybe it is a wonderful book. But I just can't do it. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Too bad. I like the cover, but I wouldn't want to read about grief for the whole book either.