Thursday, December 17, 2009 By: Suzanne
I know I said awhile ago that I wouldn't be participating in challenges. I never finish them and they make reading feel like work but this is the easiest challenge ever! The Audio Books Challenge is hosted by Royal Reviewers.

This past year I listened to 27 Audio books. This is not because I sit around all day listening to audio books. It's because I have the most absurd commute ever! Listening makes the time go by ever so much easier. I also listen to A LOT of NPR. If I only listened to audio books on my commute, the number would probably be double. However, I am hoping to change jobs soon (I have an interview today, everyone keep your fingers crossed), so that may change. Even if I get it, my commute will still be about 30 miles, during one of the busiest times of day in one of the largest growing communities in the US (I am not exaggerating. It truly is growing faster than almost anywhere else in the US). So, I plan (I hope, I pray) that I get this job, which means I most likely will not listen to as many audio books as I did this past year, but I imagine it will still be a lot. I'm going to really push myself (or maybe make it easy, who knows) and go for the highest level: Obsessed!

This means I am challenged to listen to 20 audio books from January to December of 2010. I hope it is a challenge because I REALLY want this job! I'm also going to make it easy to find all the reviews I do for this challenge by making a label soley for it: Audio Challenge. Anytime you want to find a review in this challenge, click on that label. (There are none yet, so don't expect too much)


Cherry said...

My F56:

Will transfer my F56 comment to your F56 post when I get back from work tonight :)

Alyce said...

I don't envy you your commute, but am amazed at how many audio books you get to listen to. I hope your interview went well!

Tonya said...

Thanks it went very well, but I still don't know anything. Will know more after my second interview!

gaby317 said...

Am glad the first interview went well. Good luck on the next stage! Keeping fingers crossed!

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