Monday, September 1, 2008 By: Suzanne


Chances are there will be a lot of Charles de Lint on my blog. I recently discovered and have fallen in love with his books and short stories. Like all those still feeling the afterglow of love, I will probably talk about these a lot. His stories appeal to me for the same reason Neil Gaimon's do. I wonder what Joseph Campbell would think of these two...

Yarrow is about Cat, who lives in her dreams and floats through her real life without ever really living it. The place she goes to in her dreams is real and the people (such as they are) she meets are real. What appealed to me about this what that as a child I often wished that some of the places I fantasized about could be real and that I could interact with the characters in my favorite movies or books. I think I watched the Never Ending Story about 500 times (almost as much as the Breakfast Club or Annie but not quite)! Cat begins having problems when someone comes along and steals her dreams and she has to figure out how to interact with people more than superficially in her daytime world for the first time. Even after reading this I still wish sometimes I could go visit Willy Wonka or talk to the Last Unicorn.