Wednesday, September 3, 2008 By: Suzanne

Weekly Poem

I'm going do a weekly poem to make things interesting around here and to keep everyone coming back. The first will actually be two by one of my favorites, Robert Frost.

A Time to Talk

When a friend calls to me from the road
And slows his horse to a meandering walk,
I don't stand still and look around
On all the hills I haven't hoed,
And shout from where I am, "What is it?"
No, not as there is a time to talk.
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,
Blade end up and five feet tall
And plod: I go up to the stone wall
For a friendly visit.

Canis Major

The great Overdog,
That heavenly beast
With a star in one eye,
Gives a leap in the east.

He dances upright
All the way to the west
And never once drops
On his feet to rest

I'm a poor underdog,
But tonight I will bark
With the great Overdog
That romps through the dark.


Anonymous said...

I also felt cheated by the ending to Firefly Lane. I listened to the unabridged version and eagerly looked forward to each installment. However, it appeared to me the author set up such a complex web of emotional issues between the 2 friends and the daughter of one, that she wasn't quite sure how to get her characters out of the problem and took an "easy" way out of the situation.

HoustonMamaJenn said...

I love poetry so this will be great to get some poetry in once a week!! I especially love inspirational poetry!!

Thanks Tonya!