Sunday, July 4, 2010 By: Suzanne

Short Story Challenge - June Recap


If you missed signing up for the Short Story Challenge, it's not too late.  Each month I will post a recap to discuss what everyone has read for the challenge. Everyone who still wants to sign up, go back to original post (to which I will leave a link in every current post). Then leave comments in the current post.

Not too much reading going on here. Well, actually, lots of reading but it's all been the WOT re-read. I did get a little short story reading in though, through audio. I listened to A Galaxy Triology, Vol 2. Even though I greatly enjoy sci-fi short stories, I find it amusing to read ones from 50 years ago or more. This collection is of classic sci-fi and it's interesting to read how technology was imagined to be years in the future. The first story, Aliens from Space by David Osborne, was published originally in 1958. The story takes place sometime in the mid 90s. The technology is both more advance and less advanced than it actually was in the 90s. For example, humans have already progressed in space flight far enough to have a vehicle that will take us to Jupiter in just a few days, yet in order for the White House to communicate important news to everyone, they still send mimeograph reports to the news agencies that break in with "This important news just in!" That's just one example. I really enjoyed this story and think it would make for a wonderful update if anyone ever decided to take it on. Two advance aliens races fighting over the "just average" Earthlings. What I didn't like that it was much longer than I would normally think a short story should be. It was over 3 1/2 hours long in audio. I would classify this more as a novella, however since it's part of a collection then I guess it still fits in my own guidelines! This volume was also published this year, so it would fit with the rules for Gold but I already messed that up when I read the Irish collection and the collection of De Lint stories. Oh well. 

I got an ipod, finally! Now I don't have to cart around cds of audiobooks to listen to! I'm so excited. I've been listening to stories while I walk the dogs or clean the house. I know I could have done that before (the cleaning part anyway), but it's difficult to move around the house and still catch everything. This is much more convenient. And I don't have to worry about losing my place when I move the cds from the car to the house. I've been having so much fun with this thing. Now I know why everyone has one!

I don't have anything lined up yet for next month's collection but I'm sure I'll be on soon downloading something for my toy!