Wednesday, July 7, 2010 By: Suzanne

Crossroads of Twilight - Reread

I just don't know what to say at this point in my re-read. I know I planned on writing about all the books as I re-read them but that just plain didn't happen for any number of reasons. Now here I am on book 10 and I'm wavering. Not in my commitment to finish the series. I mean, common, if I felt committed enough to read all 11 books again before I read number 12 in hopes of being ready for number 13 when it is released later this year then reading them all again is NOT going to make me waver in that! It's only going to make me more committed to the series. No, what I'm wavering on is my die-hard stance that everything after Path of Daggers sucks, and to be honest the only really exciting part was in the beginning before they use the Bowl of Winds, so really everything after the beginning of the Path of Daggers sucks. Or so I thought before.

Yeah, I'm still a little irritated at all the sitting around and staring sideways at everyone that everyone does. I'm still bored to tears with the endless descriptions of what everyone's wearing and what their roles are. If I have to hear again about what a great horse thief Vanin is and how he would be upset to hear anyone call him that even though that's truly what he is, (and the same sort of repeated, ridiculous descriptions of EVERYONE) then I'm going to puke. But then, after the puking, I will remember that I am really enjoying the books again and will get on with it.

I really didn't remember much about this book from before and some of what I "remember" must be from Knife of Dreams because it hasn't happened yet! hahaha! I'm not sure why I don't remember much from these two books (ALL I remember from the next one is the thing I thought was gonna happen in this one!), especially since I remember so much from the other books. The only explanation I can come up with is that I was pissed off and purposely forgot. Really, not much happens until the last few pages. Written well, this book could have been one chapter. There are a lot of things that simply should have been left out. Jordan was beginning to ramble like an old man telling stories from his youth. But I ate it up this time. Maybe it's because everything else is so fresh in my mind, it didn't all feel like a colossal waste of time. What the characters were going through in their inner lives was interesting this time. No, there wasn't much action and the story didn't really progress. In fact, most of the story happens at the same time as the last few chapters of the previous book. That's something else I forgot. We got a chance to see everyone's reactions to Rand cleansing saidin and the many interpretations of what might be happening since they don't have the 6 pm news. It's really too bad, because that would have saved a lot of heartache and stupid speculation. In spite of the fact that I purposely forgot much of this book, this time I liked it. However, the things I do remember are really the only important thing: Mat is stuck in Luca's show with that haughty-bi***  and he's still there in the end, only it's slightly worse (maybe), Egwene is sitting outside the tower with her army (doing nothing - WTF happened to Gawyn? and for that matter where is Galad?), Perrin is still trying to rescue Faile (seriously though, if this had happened in earlier books you think she'd still be there?), Elayne is pregnant (we get loads of boring details about that) and Rand did absolutely nothing. It's weird that I liked this book on the re-read. Really my first impression of the book was right, but this time I'm enjoying it!

There's one thing that is bothering me. Usually the details are pretty well seen to. I haven't caught any glaring mistakes, until now. Elayne is thinking that her position will be easier once one of her brothers gets there. She is hoping for Gawyn, but spends just a moment reflecting on Galad and how she actually misses him too. Then she "remembers" how Galad once had a thing for Nynaeve. WHAT??!! WHEN??!! That never happened. He had a thing for Egwene and kept quiet about it because he knew Gawyn did too. It was a fairly big deal through the first few books. How could this one little sentence creep in there like that and NO ONE CATCH IT? I found a thread on this very thing. They speculated that because Galad helps her and Elayne out in Amadicia, he did it because he had a thing for Nynaeve, but I remember this clearly and he did it because of Elayne and Egwene, even though she isn't even there! Nynaeve even mentions that she feels ignored by Galad and doesn't like it. Oh well, it's mistake but I'm truly surprised it wasn't caught before being printed.

But just now out of curiosity I did a google search and found an interesting WOT site that has all the errors listed (not typos but actual errors). Hmmmmm, interesting.

So now I move on the last book I've read before, Knife of Dreams. I don't remember what happens to Egwene so I'm anxiously seeking that. All I remember from this book is Faile's story. Does anyone remember if anything actually happens in this book? 


Kah Woei said...

Nope, I've forgotten most of what I read especially nearing the end. It does seem as if the beginning of the series is more memorable, doesn't it? :-)

Tonya said...

Hey Kah Woei! I love that you respond to all my WOT posts, do you have a blog for me to follow?