Saturday, January 2, 2010 By: Suzanne

The Great Hunt - A re-read

First of all, let me say that I love the new posting editor. I'm not sure how long Blogger has had this but I just found it a couple days ago when I was revamping my blog. I saw the option and thought, "what's this?" And the next time I had to upload a million photos I was so happy! This is so much easier! The one drawback is I can't find a spellcheck button. Sometimes it highlights misspelled words and sometimes not. I've read back through some posts and realized there was a terrible misspelling, and not something that would be mistaken for another word. (I'm a horrible typist, good thing I can spell!)

Once again I have been pleasantly surprised by Robert Jordan's series. I'm not sure exactly when I started to get disgusted by the turn it was taking but it certainly was not with this book. The Great Hunt is, in my opinion, even superior to The Eye of the World. It's not possible to have it without the first book, of course, but all the tedious explaing what things are and the explaing the prophecies and learning about people takes away from The Eye. Although it's a great book, there is a lot of downtime. Almost, no downtime in The Great Hunt. I love how the characters are trying to find the Horn of Valere so it will be ready for Illian's Great Hunt for the Horn, yet the story itself is the actual Great Hunt. And the moment in Falme when all the parties come together is brilliant. It could have easily felt contrived, bringing all the important characters to a far off place, but it didn't. It felt right. That can only be done through good storytelling. Jordan is the ultimate Gleeman.