Friday, January 1, 2010 By: Suzanne

F56 Optional Logos

Well I was so excited about trying new logos that I didn't waste any time. (And I'm BORED, is school back on yet???) Here are your optional logos for the F56. Use any or all of them. I haven't decided which is my favorite yet, so I'll probably interchange them for awhile until I settle on a fave.

Here's the classic F56 logo

The "Page 56" logo

The Fisheye logo

Fantasy Lovers 56

Contemporary Fiction 56

And Classic Fiction 56

Have fun!


Lorielle said...

Isn't creativity catchy? :) I like your new logos!

Tonya said...

Thanks! The candle in the "classics" logo is actually covering up a hideous sticker but doesn't it look nice! hehe. I love doing things like this.