Saturday, January 16, 2010 By: Suzanne

De-Lurking the blogs!

I saw a funny post over at It's All About Books describing how Thursday was De-Lurking day. I love this because I am a notorious lurker, not that any of you would know. That's the point right? You come, you read, you leave without a trace! I am trying to make more of an effort to leave comments when I read other people's blogs, but sometimes I simply have nothing to say (can you believe it?). If you are like me, it's time to come out of the lurking closet. Leave a comment and have fun answering some of these questions:

Who's your favorite author?
Who's your favorite singer? I had to include this one because I love any chance I get to describe my undying love for Elvis Costello. 
If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, real or not, where would go?
Do you have animals? Tell me about them! And take a moment to watch my babies at the top of the screen!


Ruthanne said...

(1) My favorite author:

Wow ~ that's hard. I have so many.

~ Classics - Jane Austen & Victor Hugo
~ Contemporary - Sophie Kinsella, Cassandra Clare & J.K. Rowling

I'm sorry - I couldn't pick just one.

(2) My favorite singer:

Ack. I love music ~ all different kids. This is tough, too.

Maybe Michael Buble.

(3) If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, real or not, where would go?

Hmmmm ~ as many times as I've been to England, I've never been on a Jane Austen tour. Have you heard of those? I think it would be so much fun!

(4) My pet

Two years ago, we adopted a dog that was dropped off out here in the country. {I just don't understand how people can do that!} Her name is Freckles and she is a great dog. So sweet with the children from day one.

Ruthanne said...

I meant all different "kinds" of music. Oops! :D

Tonya said...

OMG, I am a horrible friend! I completely forgot to mail that book! Will do that today after my client leaves. BTW, Jane Austen is one of my faves too. I think it would be fun to do one of those tours.

Patti said...

Hi, my name is Patti, and I'm a Lurker.... LOL!

Yes, I'm bad about it too. I have too many fave authors to choose but right now my favorite genre is romance. It's driving my husband nuts because usually we share books and so right now he's out of luck!

Simcha said...

Before I started blogging I was also a lurker, mainly because I never even considered that the author would care if I left a comment or not. Now that I know how lovely comments are, I always try to leave one. Even if it's just a comment about the blog itself

thetruebookaddict said...

1)Favorite author (I'm taking a cue from Ruthanne here):

Classics--Jane Austen, Charles Dickens
Contemp.--Anne Rice, Stephen King

2)My fave singer (band): Aerosmith (Steven Tyler)

individual singer: Sinead O'Connor

3) England or Ireland

4) Alis, a beautiful black cat who is full of whimsy! (and I have watched your animals several times since I started following your blog last week...too cute!)

Feel free to lurk over at my blog anytime...LOL =O)

Kristi said...

Hello - I will answer the question you left on my blog - Life As We Knew It is the first book - but I think it would be cool to read it in tandem with The Dead and the Gone as they both follow a similar timeline - just different parts of the country. Happy Reading!

Suey said...

And thanks for the de-lurk over at my blog! :)
My answers to your questions:
I have too many favorite authors, but Markus Zusak is my favorite answer to the question!

I LOVE Josh Groban! :) And lots of others too. :)

I would go... I don't know where... England, or the whole UK actually. Or Italy and Greece maybe. Or Switzerland. How about Europe!

We have an old cat, two boring hermit crabs, a pretty beta fish, and a very feisty cockateil bird.

gaby317 said...

I don't have a favorite author, but there are a few whose books never fail me.

I'm having a hard time narrowing down my list.
Jim Butcher, Lee Child, Agatha Christie, Robert Graves.

I loved Kate Atkinson's When Will There Be Good News and am looking forward to reading her other books...

Favorite singers?
Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerald
But I like the old 80s & 90s New Wave stuff too, the Smiths, REM, New Order, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, the Police, U2, etc

I grew up with dogs, but my husband and I don't have the space for one at the moment. So, instead, I have herbs and an orchid and a rose plant! I love to visit my uncle and spend time with his Chow, Ramey.

I have my Friday 56 up early because a friend is coming for the weekend and will be here tomorrow.

Here's my link

Anonymous said...

I admit I'm a lurker too, but I'm trying to change. See...I'm leaving a comment!! GO ME!!!

Who's your favorite author? Stephen King

Who's your favorite singer? I can't pick just one!

If you could go ANYWHERE in the universe, real or not, where would go? Probably Switzerland

Do you have animals? A dog and a cat