Friday, November 20, 2009 By: Suzanne

What did I do to you?

In keeping with sometimes (rarely I must admit) telling my own stories on my Storytime blog instead of simply reviewing books, I wanted to share with everyone this heart wrenching video by John Schneider (if you're thinking I know that name...who? remember Bo and Luke Duke...) in which he describes his moment of awakening. It is just him and the camera for more than three minutes and it is beautiful.

Anyone who has had a similar awakening will recognize this moment. The harm our society is causing by choosing to remain ignorant is great. And I do believe these people are choosing to remain ignorant. They don't want to know how the animals are suffering because they simply want easy food. They choose to believe they are not harming anyone but I believe they are harming themselves and I feel sad for them as well as for the animal (though more sad for the animal) because they are taking that negative energy into their bodies every time they eat. Remember, we are what we eat and since vegetables will not grow in bad conditions, I know that I eat sunlight and love.