Saturday, November 28, 2009 By: Suzanne

My Plan

So I know you're just dying to know what my plan is. Unfortunately it has to do with books so if you were thinking something a little more sexy, SORRY!

Here's my plan: I'm going to re-read the entire Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan starting today. Why, you may ask, since the rest of the series is yet to be finished? Because I figure by the time I get to the book that just came out, The Gathering Storm, the next book will be out and by the time the final book is released, I won't have forgotten more of the story than I remember (as is the case right now). Why do you think I might care if you know my plan? I don't think you do. I'm only putting it on my blog so I stick to it! I want to enjoy the last few books the way I enjoyed the first few and if I don't remember the story then I won't.

This means I probably won't be participating in the read along of The Lord of the Rings. Sorry guys!


Simcha said...

I've been thinking of doing this as well. I had gotten up to book three, a while back, but had stopped because I found the female characters to be so annoying. But now with Brandon Sanderson finishing the series I've been thinking of picking it back up again. I just haven't decided yet if I'm reading to make this commitment...

Tonya said...

Oh no! If you found the female characters annoying after book three enough to stop reading I fear you may never finish the series! That is one of the flaws of the series. Jordan just simply made his women look like morons most of the time. There are several flaws with the series actually but since I've read through book 11 I feel committed. I just want an ending to the darn thing!

Jenners said...

It will take you some time to read the whole series!!! I read the series when there were about 6 books and then waited so long for the rest to be released that I didn't remember anything!!! I thought about rereading the books but I think I'll wait until ALL of them have been officially released!! That is some time commitment you have there! The only thing I really remember from the series is the concept of the Aes Sedai! Good luck and have fun!

Simcha said...

Do the female characters improve as the books go on? From reading the books I assumed that Jordan just didn't like women. I wonder if he ever addressed the fact that his women characters are so irritating and I wonder what Brandon Sanderson thinks about it. I'd love to do an interview with Sanderson and ask him this.

Tonya said...

I have no idea what his take on women is.
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
is going to have an interview with Sanderson in the future. If you go that link you can post question you'd like him to ask. I'm kind of curious about too!

Unfortunately some of the women's characters actually get worse but some do get better such as Moiraine and Siuan Sanche and Nynaeve but others like Elayne and Aviendha get worse.

Cherry said...

I picked up the series about 8 years ago or so without realizing that it has no ending. That drove me off the wall! I still read it through half of book #11.

I was on the campaign for people not to buy this series ever since for the simple reason that it has no ending. Well, now, the ending has been released, and like everyone else, I've forgotten the story already.

Neway, I actually came here to post the link to my F56: Will come back later to check if the F56 post is up already and re-post my link.

And Ton, DO something naughty!!! :)

Tonya said...

hehehe, I just don't post about the naughty things!

I almost forgot about the 56! Thanks for reminding me. Shame on me!