Thursday, November 26, 2009 By: Suzanne

The Wedding Date: Audio

The Wedding Date by Elizabeth Young is another book made into a movie that I haven't seen yet and now know I will be disappointed when I finally do. I should really start watching the movies first!

"Dominic" was the little white lie thirty-and-still-unwed Sophy Metcalf told to soothe her nagging mother. But now her perfect sister Belinda is tying the knot and Sophy's going to have to produce the charming, successful, ideal boyfriend she invented...Desperate, she hires a male escort sight unseen to get her through the Nuptials from Hell.

Ok, yes, this is another chick-lit audio. I'm going to stop apologizing for them because they're simply going to keep coming. They're cheap and fairly entertaining on the drive to and from work. Last time I'll say that. Everyone's tired of me justifying why I'm reviewing a chick-lit book!

And...Yes, this is predictable. I could probably have told you what would happen in the book from simply reading the blurb. And yes, Sophy is another one of those women who never speaks up for herself, especially to her mother, which is why she gets in all these ridiculous scenarios. It seems that I see this more with British writers. Is it common for British women to be spineless and never tell the people around them what they're really thinking? Anyway, I enjoyed this because it's funny even with all that or maybe because of all that. Listening to these is like having Bridget Jones playing on the tv while I drive. Comforting and funny.


male escort said...

I'm looking forward to the movie! This same story has been done a hundred times, and it never gets old. :)

Cherry said...

I've seen this movie about a million times and as if that is not enough I bought the DVD :)

As per usual, it's Friday already in my part of the world, so here is my Friday 56:

Will re-post my F56 in your F56 post when I come back from work tonight. Happy Friday Ton!

INCiDeNT said...

I'll sue those British writers if you'd like. Spineless . . . ? Pffft! Not me, anyhow. ;D I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

My Friday 56 too. I'll repost it after like Cherry too.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know it was a book! I've seen the movie more than once although I don't know why since it was just ok.