Wednesday, July 29, 2009 By: Suzanne

Book burning anyone?

I don't really believe in burning books, even ones that might preach hateful things. I truly believe in the power of free speech and I wouldn't want to be in a world where someone who had different views from mine could not express them, much less be able to express my own views (which is much more likely anyway).

However, I am considering burning Fight Club. Not because I don't like the book or its author. I was really impressed with Diary (also by Chuch Palahniuk) and was kind of getting into Fight Club before Sunday. But the only reason I ever read it was because I liked Diary and the only reason I ever read Diary was because I liked the movie version of Fight Club and the only reason I ever watched THAT was because it's Jeff's favorite movie. If you don't know where this is going, let's just say things are not well in romance land. Things are so bad in fact, I am considering buring a book. He said he wanted to read it when I was finished with it so of course I'm not giving it to him now. I also don't feel I can pass on a book that has such bad mojo to a friend. So, before I break my own rule and burn a book, anyone have any suggestions?


Becca said...

Burning books?! Nooooooooo! You could give it to me, I'm not a friend, you don't even know me. Just kidding! :) Seriously though I'm sorry things aren't going well, and that the book is now ruined for you. That sucks! Hope things look better soon.