Wednesday, February 18, 2009 By: Suzanne

Starts with "A"

This challenge is from Stacy at Stacy's Bookblog. I'm supposed to list 1o things that I love starting with the letter A. hmmmm, why couldn't you have given me an easier letter?

1. Aurora. Aurora is my wonderful collie that I;ve had since she was 5 weeks old. She is now 4 years old.
2. Amos. Tori Amos is one of my favorite singers. My favorite song by her is China.

3. Apple. I love apples. I eat one almost every day. I recently even began making my own applesauce after I learned to make these little hard apple candies. The first step is to boil and mash. It's so easy and tastes so good with a little sugar and cinnamon.

4. Apple. Ok, this may technically be cheating but I think since they're different things I should be able to do it. Fiona Apple is another of my favorite singers.

5. Aroma. I love smells. I have candles, incense, flowers, lotion, and oils throughout my house.

6. Alice in Chains. Yep, I just got up and looked at my cd collection. I'm telling you, I'm at a loss here! But I do love them and was very sad when Layne Staley died.

7. Alison Kraus. So I have a theme here, but what do you expect from a musician?

8. Ayn Rand. Her book The Fountainhead changed my life.

9. Allman Brothers Band. I just can't help myself. There may be more coming...

10. Amie. This is my favorite song my Damien Rice

11. All Dressed Up. Have I said yet on this blog how much I love Damien Rice? Stacy should have given me the letter D so I could use him only once. mawhahaha (evil laugh).

12. Angie. My second favorite song by the Rolling Stones. If Beast of Burden is not available I will sway in ecstasy to this one.

13. Annie. My mom says I watched this movie every single week for years when I was a kid. Sometimes for several days in a row. My poor mother!

14. American Gods. This is my favorite Neil Gaiman book.

15. Allen. Sarah Addison Allen is one of my new favorite writers. If you haven't read Garden Spells yet, do it soon!

Ok, so I went overboard! I was having so much fun I actually forgot it was supposed to be 10 things. I somehow along the way here thought it was 15. I guess I didn't have to cheat!


Anonymous said...

See? A wasn't so hard! Aurora is beautiful. My Max is almost 5, it's too bad we can't get them together for a play date.

I am going to have to add Neil Gaiman to my reading list because his name keeps popping up. Which one should I start with?

Thanks for playing! Now I have a good music list :)

Tonya said...

American Gods is my favorite but a lot people prefer Neverwhere. Good Omens/Bad Omens is funny and philosophical at the same time.