Thursday, February 19, 2009 By: Suzanne

A new look

Ok, so I finally did it. After talking about it for since I started this blog, I finally put up a new 3 column layout that isn't from boring blogger. I think the reason I didn't do it before was because, first I couldn't find anything I really liked, and then I was afraid I'd lose all my posts. I found some neat templates and then would notice that I couldn't change things very easily in them, like the picture in the header that just didn't fit or other minor details. It just seemed overwhelming to research how to backup everything and how to change elements I didn't like. Well, I've been sick the last two days and stayed home. Today, this is what I did. What do you think?


Jenn said...

Very nice new look Tonya! You blogging woman you!

Ruthanne said...

I like! Good job. :D

Tonya said...

I seem to be having trouble with backgrounds though. My posts don't always show up when I have the background on there.