Tuesday, February 3, 2009 By: Suzanne

A movie post

I saw a preview for a new Witch Mountain movie during the SuperBowl. Does anyone out there remember the original movies? I loved those movies and about jumped out of my seat when I saw the preview. I knew before they showed the name that it looked like the Witch Mountain movies but thought it might be a cheao rip off. NOOOO! It's a real sequel! YAYYYY!!!! I only wonder why they took 30 years to make another one. I also am a little weary of "The Rock" being in it. Hmmmmmm, hope it's not cheasy. And are Tia and Tony in this movie at all, 30 years later? Can they be? Is it about their kids or are they still children and new actors are playing them? hmmmmm, gonna find out.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED these movies too. I didn't realize this was a sequel. Thanks for the tip :)

Tonya said...

Ok, here's what I've discovered:
1. The original actors (Tia and Tony) are in the movie but they have small parts.
2. The new kids are Sara and Seth
3. This doesn't seem to be a sequel but a new movie based on the others. (But I might be wrong)

Ruthanne said...

I saw the poster at the theatre last weekend and about fell out!

Btw, your comment about butter was HILARIOUS! Girl - eat it up because I'm sure not having any and I sure miss it. :(