Wednesday, December 17, 2008 By: Suzanne

A wonderful find

Yesterday I discovered something wonderful. It's a website called LibriVox. They record works that are in the public domain and allow you to download them for free! All the works are done by volunteers and so some have several different chapters read by different people. The lack of cohesion is more than made up for by the fact that I can download books and listen to them in my car when I'm driving. Also, these are definitely not professionally mastered recordings. Every stumbled of word is still there. I began listening to Athem today. Figured that I might as well, while I'm on an Ayn Rand kick. Luckily, this particular recording is done all by one person but she often hestitates before some words. Takes you out of the story only briefly. It's not too much of a bother and I will say again IT'S FREE!! I can listen to it and read Ender in Exile when I'm not in the car. Yayyyy! More books at the same time!

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble (where I spend way too much money) and was looking at their audiobooks. Unfortunately, the cost of these depends on the length of the book. The new book by Wally Lamb is $75 on audio!!! I think I may have to wait to read this the old fashioned way, and may even check it out from the library. Me and the library are probably going to get to be real good friends soon. I think my book habit is starting to eat at my budget!

So once again: IT'S FREE!


Anonymous said...

Here's a website to check-out:

I've been using it since the summertime. You list books that you want to get rid of - someone requests it - then you mail it to him/her. After you've mailed it, you receive credits. The more credits you have, the more books YOU can request! So, you basically get books "new to you" for the cost of postage. The most I've ever spent on mailing a book was $3.8? is how I got all my books for Christmas! Saved a LOT of money.

You can also request audiobooks, hardback books - and they two other websites for swapping CDs & DVDs.

Tonya said...

Thanks! I signed up and am trying to figure out the site. I listed you as my reference based on the email that showed up in my email when I received notice of this message. Is that ok?

Anonymous said...

Yes, ma'am! I just got an e-mail saying I had received 1 credit for recommending you. Thanks!

I buy postage from paperbackswap because I HATE going to the post office.

I just print everything out from my computer, wrap up the book in clear, plastic wrap, then in the paper with all the mailing info. - stick it in the mailbox and viola!Also, if you buy postage from them, when you send a book out - you receive immediate credit. Where as, if not - you have to wait for the person to receive the book before you get credit.