Thursday, December 4, 2008 By: Suzanne

BTT: Authors

Today's Book Through Thursday over at Should Be Reading asks the following:

1. Do you have a favorite author?
I have many different favorite authors but for this questionaire I'll say Neil Gaiman

2. Have you read everything he or she has written?
Not really, only because I can't get into graphic novels. I tried, I really did because someone said if I was going to read any his were the best and since I already loves his novels I thought I would try. Still not for me.

3. Did you LIKE everything?
Of novels, very much so. He is a very talented writer and his imagination seems to know no bounds.

4. How about a least favorite author?
This hard because often if I don't like something I won't finish the book. I figure it's just not worth my time to continue reading something I'm not enjoying. However, I have recently read a couple book in a certain series that was made into a movie that I felt very strongly against! :))

5. An author you wanted to like, but didn’t?
Terry Brooks. I thought the ideas for his books were wonderful but the writing fell kind of flat for me and the plots were too cliche. It's all been done before, and better.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Neil Gaiman and what is the difference between a novel and a graphic novel?

Tonya said...

Neil Gaiman writes a type of fantasy that they call "urban fantasy." Another of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint, also rites in this style. My favorite of Neil Gaiman's book is American Gods. It's based on the theory that the old gods (Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu, Egyptian, etc) are at war with the gods of America: Interstate, Media, Commerce, etc. It's really interesting. It takes place in our world whereas most fantasy is placed in some made up land.

Graphic novel is a fancy way of saying comic book. I'm not really sure what the difference is since I don't read either but there is supposedly a difference.

Anonymous said...

Got it. Thanks!