Friday, June 4, 2010 By: Suzanne

Picture My Day

Before I get into this one, does anyone know how to post MP3 to blogger? Is it possible? 
This is the first post in my story telling through pictures. I'm calling it picture my day. I've been trying to take at least one picture everyday to document even the mundane in my life. I decided to do this when I took my wonderful nephew, Sage, to the Ft Worth Science and History Museum a couple weeks ago. We both had a blast and there were so many things I would have loved to have a picture of, if only I had brought my camera. So, now my camera is in my purse in order to capture even the mundane, so when the extraordinary happens I will have that too! I have seen several other people who do projects like this, so I can't claim it as my own but it will be in my own style. Each picture will have a story.

I started this last Thursday and already I haven't lived up to my promise of at least one picture everyday but I've been pretty good most days.

This picture is through the windshield of my car and I could not fix the colors afterward because of that. It will forever be blue or more blue. This was taken at 5:30 on a Thursday afternoon. On Mondays and Thursday I work at the James L. West Alzheimer's Center in Ft Worth. For those of you that don't know (since I haven't written much on here lately that's probably everyone!) I am a music therapist. My preferred population is children with developmental disabilities (autism, CP, Down's, etc) but I also have experience in other fields. When I first got the call a few months ago from the Program Director at JLW asking if I would be interested in filling the spot that was being vacated by their current MT, I turned it down. The pay was less per hour than I was making seeing private clients and I didn't think it would be worth giving up those private clients to work with old people. I've done that before, no thank you. But then I thought about it a little more. I would be going to one place and staying there all day. Yes, I would have to drive 45 minutes to get there but I was already doing that and then driving around town to see each kid. When I stopped to figure it up, I would actually be saving money in the long run! So I gave up most of my private clients, some of them I was sad to leave and some....not so much. I started working at JLW on my birthday (happy Bday to me...go to work) and had a wonderful time. In fact, I have really enjoyed working there the last couple of months. I will never enjoy it as much as I do working with children but it's been fun! Later that I night I went out for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend, at which we had a huge fight and he asked me to pay for my half (supposedly not related instances). Well, JLW worked out and the boyfriend didn't. That sounds terrible but there were just a lot of little things that didn't feel right. The birthday dinner actually had no effect on my decision. I completely forgot it until telling this story! Amazing what comes back to you.

So are you wondering just yet WTF this story has to do with this picture? Getting there, I promise. When I tell a story, I tell it right!

Every Monday and Thursday I have a TWO HOUR lunch break. I know lots of people would jump for joy over something like this but it's really not that wonderful, especially when you only get paid for the actual hours you work. No breaks, no holidays, no sick leave. Oh, and no insurance. That's another story. It breaks up the day and you just spend two hours in the middle of the day doing nothing. THEN you have to go back to work! It kind of sucks. I'd rather do it all in one large chunk.
This particular day I decided to go have my car cleaned. I will not show you those pictures. Let's just say the car needed it and any one who's been in it will attest to that. I did vacuum the previous Saturday before picking up Sage. It was getting pretty gross and I didn't want anyone else to be subjected to that. So really all they had to do was clean the outside. The guy took one look at my car and said, "This is going to take a little extra work. I might be able to get that stuff off but it's going need a special solvent which will cost extra." Ok, whatever. I came it get it clean so I'll pay the little bit extra. Apparently I had a chip in the windshield too and with one quick call to my insurance (to make sure I really wouldn't be charged for it) they fixed that! About 1:45 I start to get nervous. The outside's been done awhile but the guy cleaning the inside is taking his sweet time. Walking ever so slowly around the car wiping here, scrubbing there, "Oh I guess I vacuum a little now too." COME ON! Just because you're here all day doesn't mean I want to be and I have another group in 15 minutes! Finally at 1:58, he's finished. Yeah, thanks. No way can I be there in 2 minutes grab my guitar and other instruments and be in Bluebonnet (one of the suites) in time to start. So I was late, which means I gave them their full time, making my next group late and I got no break for the next 3 hours. Maybe that doesn't sound so bad after having a two hour lunch break but I can't just sing for 3 hours straight and not be affected by it. I was not a happy camper at the end of the day.

As I'm leaving that day I notice the chip in the windshield is still there! I'm pissed. They made me late and didn't even do everything they were supposed to do??!! So I drive back over there before heading home (this is getting closer to the picture, btw) but the windshield people have already left. So glad they got to have a normal day! The guy that cleaned my car says he thinks the clue just needs to be scrapped a little more, that's what I'm feeling. He swears it's been fixed even though I can see and it will not make a huge crack down the front of my windshield. He better be right or they're paying for it. Promise.

Now, on a normal day I cut through downtown and hit the I-35E about a mile north of I-30. This is a big deal. The I-30 to I-35E interchange is a major cluster fuck. That mile will add at least 20 minutes to your drive, if your lucky. I was not lucky this day. I considered going through downtown from where I was anyway, but when I got to the entrance ramp to I-30 and saw in front of me downtown University was just as packed, I decided to take my chances. They were not good. Just as I'm coming over the bridge to get onto I-35 the truck in front of my slows. See picture above.

I look to my left and I see this:

That little arrow is pointing out the clear space just before where I would normally be getting on the interstate. Yeah, not going to be a good evening. Just so you can understand, here's a close up on where I should be.

Do you see the clear space? Should give hope that maybe the traffic's not so bad right? You would be wrong to hope. Because of the wonderful people at the car wash, I will now sit in traffic for over an hour. It will take me 1 hour and 30 minutes to get home: exactly twice as long as normal.

To make up for it, I treated myself by completely ruining my voice! I decided to go out and sing at the open mic at Banter, one of our local coffee shops. I had a wonderful time in spite of the ex showing up. Not so bad actually, I stuck around and sang with him too. It was one of the songs I had added harmony to awhile ago. It's a beautiful song. I also got a chance to try out my new Ukulele song. I'm so excited about this new song! As soon as I have a half-way decent recording of it, I'll post for everyone to hear.