Sunday, May 2, 2010 By: Suzanne

Short Story Challenge - March and April Recap


Ok, I am a loser! hahahaha Sorry, everyone, for not putting up March's Recap. I'm a terrible host right now because I'm simply not at my computer enough to keep up with my blog lately. Blame it on the joys of new love. 3 1/2 months now. Maybe the glow will wear off enough for me to get back to blogging again!

If you missed signing up for the Short Story Challenge, it's not too late.  Each month I will post a recap to discuss what everyone has read for the challenge. Everyone who still wants to sign up, go back to original post (to which I will leave a link in every current post). Then leave comments in the current post.

Well, I slipped on my own challenge. Yep, didn't I just say I was loser? Now you have proof. I read some short story collections I already but had never read. So, I did read short stories these two months but I didn't read anything published in 2010 like I planned. Oh well, aren't these challenges meant to be broken? hehehe

First up is Emerald Magic: Great Tales Of Irish Fantasy edited by Andrew M. Greenley. A very entertaining collection of leprechaun's, wraiths, and other Irish creatures. Two of my favorite authors are a part of this collection, Ray Bradbury and Charles de Lint, but last time I checked neither were Irish. Interesting. This is not the first story set in Ireland by either of them I've read. They both seem to enchanted by Ireland. Of course, what fantasy lover isn't? It's got to be the richest source of fantasy of any other country. That's why bought the book in the first place!

Speaking of Charles de Lint, the other collection is The Ivory and The Horn, a collection of de Lint's short stories. A few of the stories use characters that readers of de Lint's work will recognize, such as Jilly and the other residents of Newford. It's a nice way to catch up with beloved characters but not feel tied to a whole book.

Hope to read about everyone else's tales soon!


Veggiemomof2 said...

Eighteen by Jan Burke

Storm Warnings by Nancy Pickard