Sunday, May 2, 2010 By: Suzanne

A Crown Of Swords

Well, I just finished book 7 in the Wheel of Time Series. I didn't make it a formal challenge to re-read all of the WOT books in order to be back up to "date" on the next book but it has felt like a formal challenge trying to read them all again one right after another. I started this back in January and between that and my new relationship, I haven't hardly had time to read anything else so blogging has kind of taken a back seat. I am generally a fast reader but to have only read 7 books (besides the short story collections) in 3 1/2 months feels like I'm suddenly reading very, very slow. Then I look at the length of these books and remember that each book is the length of 2 other books and don't feel so bad!

The downside to this is I'm suddenly very tired of Jordan's writing style. I feel the need to read something completely different RIGHT NOW. And so, I picked up Gossip Girl. Yep, I sure did. Mull that over for awhile! I did set myself to do the Young Adult challenge too, but I figured I would still be reading fantasy when I did that. Nope, I need something completely different, so Gossip Girl it is. I figure I'll have it done tonight an be blogging about it tomorrow. Big type and 199 pages. No Problem.

The upside to reading all the WOT books one right after the other is that I don't feel pissed off at Jordan anymore. I remember getting really upset with him by book 5 or 6 because it was 500 pages of nothing and 100 pages of action. It seemed nothing important was happening until the very end of the book and I couldn't figure out why his editor didn't do some good editing. Now I don't feel that way. Yeah, the books could still use a little editing but I've rediscovered the story and I LIKE IT again. I don't feel the sitting around discussing things is wasteful words. There is action in the words and all the characters are important to me again. The minor ones, in the past, were a waste of time to me. Now I don't feel that way.

To compensate for both feelings I'm going to continue my personal challenge of re-reading the books, however, I'm going to read something completely different in between each one. I think otherwise I may throw The Path of Daggers out the car window on my way to work!