Wednesday, April 29, 2009 By: Suzanne

Where are you and Teaser: 4/29/09

Yes, I am very late this week!

It's Tuesday, Where are you? is hosted on An Adventure in Reading.

I am still on the planet Annares in the city of Abbenay, a Utopian but anarchist society, learning physics but I have also just died at the haunted Mayan ruins in a little known part of Mexico.
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin and The Ruins by Scott Smith

The Teaser is hosted at Should be Reading.

This from Le Guin's book again (as the other is disgusting and was on audio).

They shot the dead man who lay nearest the word, and later on when the Directorate was restored to order the word was washed off the wall with water, soap, and rags, but it remained; it had been spoken; it had meaning.
pg. 302


kaye said...

great teaser, and true words are powerful. thanks for stopping by.

Kylee said...

Sorry for leaving this comment here, but I could find another way to contact you.


Tonya said...

Thanks! I should probably post my email somewhere but this is just fine!

Rebecca :) said...

Ooh. These are both great, Tonya! I am interested in The Ruins, especially. You're dead??

Tonya said...

if you're interested you might not want to read the review I just posted!

Kristi said...

The teaser makes me wonder what the "word" was. These definitely don't sound like "light" reading! Enjoy!

The Bumbles said...

Hahaha! "as the other is disgusting" - and then you gave a Teaser where someone gets shot and walls need to be scrubbed. Although there was cleaning involved ;0)

Tonya said...

Trust me, this isn't even on par. For it to be close, it would have had to describe in detail the way in which the bullet entered the body and the damage to the flesh afterward. Maybe someone would have gone digging in the person's body for it and we would get a detailed description of that too. Then it would be disgusting in the same manner as the other book!